Amy Schumer Stopped Drinking For Her Appearance On ‘The Late Show,’ But Instantly Regretted It

Amy Schumer clearly loves to drink. She spouts off more drinking humor in one minute than I’ve heard from all of my deadbeat uncles combined, and that’s nearly 25 years worth of deadbeating. Sure, they’re usually passed out in their own filth, but that doesn’t mean they can’t write a few down.

Here she’s talking about how she was trying not to drink before her appearance on Letterman because she wanted to be at her best. This failed because she loves drinking and doesn’t know how she could ever stop drinking, even for pregnancy.

I know a way, but it’s not a happy topic. Then again, maybe she wants cirrhosis to ensure a role in any future live action Simpsons projects that pop up. It could happen, right?

(Via The Late Show)