McDonald’s Is Selling 200 Bottles Of Big Mac Special Sauce On eBay For Charity

By | 12 Comments

Australia's Golden Arches are auctioning off 200 bottles of special sauce, and the first one is already fetching five figures.


Own This Rare Photo Of David Bowie And Iggy Pop Getting Arrested For Weed Possession

By | 2 Comments

Own a piece of music history: a photo of David Bowie and Iggy Pop getting arrested.


You Can Finally Buy The White Ferrari From ‘Miami Vice’ On eBay

By | 4 Comments

For a reasonable price of $1.75 million, one lucky wealthy 'Miami Vice' fan can own a Ferrari Testarossa driven by Crockett and Tubbs.

#The Interview

‘The Interview’ Movie Posters Are Selling For A Pretty Penny On eBay

By | 6 Comments

While people might never get to watch 'The Interview,' that's not stopping them from paying hundreds of dollars for its movie poster.

iPod Classic

The Discontinued iPod Classic Is Suddenly Selling For A Lot Of Money Online

By | 12 Comments

A funny thing happened on the Apple iPod Classic's way toward the techno-bone yard: it got real popular and it's selling for a ton.


Someone Paid Over $1,500 For One Of The Excavated Atari Cartridges

By | 7 Comments

Is nostalgia worth $1,537? Someone thought so, as that's what they paid for an old, unplayable game buried in New Mexico.


This Guy’s Girlfriend Dumped Him Right Before A Romantic Getaway, So He Listed Her Spot On Ebay

By | 23 Comments

When his girlfriend dumped him right before a planned vacation, Jake Dodridge turned to eBay to find a new traveling companion.

sex toy

Would You Pay $2.5 Million For This Spiritual Sex Toy?

By | 4 Comments

An eBay user known only as "Max" is auctioning off a pinewood dildo with a starting bid at $2.5 million.

tip shaming

The Receipt From LeSean McCoy’s 20 Cent Tip Is On eBay For $1000

By | 7 Comments

Yes, there's another update in the LeSean McCoy tipping story. Someone's ponying up a lot of money.


Here’s What People In Your State Buy Online More Than Any Other State

By | 8 Comments

What is your state's online shopping cart filled with? Now there's a map for that!

#Video Games

Finally, There’s A Formula For Whether Or Not You Should Buy A Video Game

By | 12 Comments

Not sure whether you should buy a game? eBay's created a handy formula for you.


A British Man Used His Sex Doll As A Model To Sell His Used Car On Ebay

By | 13 Comments

A guy had the most brilliant idea to sell his old used 1990 WV Golf: Pose a sex doll next to it! Nailed it.


You Can Buy The Banshee Bravado From ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ For $170K On eBay

By | 8 Comments

A woman who won a West Coast Customs version of the hottest car in GTA V is selling it on eBay to pay for her sons' college.

porn stars

For Less Than $5, You Can Own This Very Odd Bree Olson Autograph

By | 10 Comments

This week in 'Strange Things We've Found on eBay,' here's an index card that Bree Olson autographed, possibly for her dad.


Password Change Time, Ebay Has Been Hacked

By | 6 Comments

Ebay has been hacked. You all know what you have to do in this situation.


The Mayor Of A Town In Canada Tried To Sell A Dead Sperm Whale On eBay

By | 4 Comments

After a dead sperm whale showed up on a beach in Newfoundland, the people are doing anything they can to get rid of its stinking corpse.


The Bike From 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' Isn't Worth Nearly As Much As Once Thought

By | 2 Comments

The person who sold one of the original bikes from 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' got a hell of a return on the $10,000 he paid just four years ago.

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