Because A Fool And Their Money Are Easily Parted, A Plain Old Brick Is Being Sold For $1,000 On eBay

When it comes to blind loyalty among consumers, Supreme is the Apple of streetwear. Fans of the New York brand purchase any and everything with its iconic red and white logo, no matter the price or product. Overpriced nunchucks? Check! Overpriced fire extinguishers? Check! Overpriced Hanes t-shirts? Check! A brick? Sure, why the hell not!

Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2016 accessories line officially went live on Thursday and one of its hotly anticipated items sold out within minutes — a brick. A regular, red clay brick branded with Supreme went on sale for an absurd $30 and sold out during one commercial break. And the story only gets even more bizarre because Supreme bricks are now being peddled on eBay at a ridiculously high markup.

For only a cool $1,000, Supreme consumers, or just people with spare cash to burn, can own their very own Supreme brick to… I don’t even know. If you’re not building a house, a brick is only good for busting the car windows of a cheating ex. But a Supreme brick I would imagine is to get all the valuable Internet points. If $1,000 is a bit too rich for your blood, other eBay sellers are practically giving away the bricks for free. I mean, $150 compared to $1,000 is pretty much free, isn’t it?

If you’re planning on buying the overpriced paper weight, just make sure the seller wraps it in enough bubble wrap to make a kid happy for days or end up like this guy, who probably sh*t a brick to replace his faulty Supreme brick. So I guess it worked out?