A ‘Rick And Morty’ Fan Laid Down Some Serious Cash For A Jug Of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce On Ebay

As further evidence that you can never underestimate the tenacity and dedication of Rick and Morty fans, a 64 oz. bottle of McDonald’s “Mulan” Szechuan dipping sauce — which is being revived as a promotion for the third season of the Adult Swim animated series — just sold on eBay for 15 frigging thousand dollars, after being listed last week for the comparatively modest price of $99. (Which actually sounds less crazy when you consider that another fan recently plunked down nearly as much for two “vintage” packets of the stuff.)

Just think about what you could buy with that kind of money, though. A used car in pretty decent shape. A down payment on a house. Invest in the stock market. But no, hold that thought — because smart guy here just bought a bunch of fancy high fructose corn syrup, basically. Which he’s (assuming this is a dude) probably not even going to eat, but put in a glass case or something — and it’s literally coming back to McDonald’s restaurants anyway.

As far as the seller goes, in his description he writes that at least 20 percent of the auction is going to the charities Extra Life and AbleGamers, and also wanted to make perfectly clear in the listing that the auction wasn’t just some crass cash grab by a non-fan.

On a side note, I want this FULLY UNDERSTOOD. I hold McDonald’s and Chef Mike in the highest respect. I really do. Mike has done an amazing job bringing this back for some lucky people to enjoy and I will do everything in my power to assure that it’s in the hands of someone that will truly enjoy it with a party of people, instead of just letting it rot away on a shelf for all to see. The point of this sauce is for people to enjoy it – not necessarily me, but whoever ends up with it. No matter what amount it ends up at, I hope it ends up in the hands of someone that will thoroughly enjoy it. Good luck to all and let’s do some good!

Unfortunately for the seller, as of Friday afternoon, he still hadn’t heard from the lucky winner, although it seems as though he has a contingency plan in place.