This Clumsy Hiker Comes SO CLOSE To Making It Across This Log Bridge … But No

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You know what's going to happen in this video well before it actually happens.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Guy Attempt To Push A Girl In A Satan Jersey Into A Creek With Expected Results

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This guy has a devious plan to push this girl into a creek, but she is having none of it.


A Western Pennsylvanian Convenience Store Clerk Fended Off The Worst Robber Ever With Bug Spray

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Say hello to the new record holder for the saddest robbery attempt of all time.


Move Over 'That Awkward Moment' And 'LOL' — Ed Helms Will Star In 'Epic Fail'

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Ed Helms will star in 'Epic Fail,' a comedy about a Special Forces unit that must save the world with comedy or something.


Jason Dufner’s Worst Putt Ever Joins The Pantheon Of Embarrassing 2013 Sports Fails

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Golfer Jason Dufner may have executed the worst putt we've ever seen, and dealt with it via deeply human sadness and acceptance.


A Bunch Of Skeptics Disproved EFO Forever (Layman’s Terms: Hodokens Aren’t Real And We’re Sorry)

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EFO or "Empty Force" is the skill of opening up your heart and disabling an attacker without touching them. It's super fake, and here's the most proof.


The Worst Punt Ever Will Blow Your Mind. What Happens Next Will Give You Two Points.

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The new choice for Worst Punt Ever goes to Joel Maddock of Arizona Western and this kick that scores two points (for the opposing team).


Nick Young Broke His Own Record For The Worst Layup Attempt In Basketball History

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Last March, Nick Young missed the worst layup attempt in basketball history. Last night, he almost topped it with a 360 into nothingness.


Here’s Proof That The BrooklyKnight Is Worse At Dunking Than The Fake Mascots On Conan

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The Brooklyn Nets mascot BrooklyKnight went for a dunk and got the ball lodged in the shot clock somehow, because sometimes fails are truly epic.


Congratulations Jonathan Quick, You’re Responsible For The Worst Goal In NHL History

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Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick allowed the worst goal in NHL history, and his explanation might be worse than the goal.


Honest Trailer: Harry Potter (morning links)

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Here's an "Honest Trailer" for Harry Potter, from our friends at ScreenJunkies.


Jarrett Jack, From Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Downtown

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I don't know why this is so funny to me, but it is.


The Worst Free Throw Ever, A Title We Can Never Hand Out Again

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When you see a video titled "worst free throw ever," your first thought is probably, "it can't be worse than X free throw I've seen from Y person who is objectively terrible at free throws.


With A Little Ambition, You Too Can Be A Plowerhouse

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I’m a big fan of card games, as I love poker, rummy, hearts, spades, and pretty much anything that goes great with a case of cheap American beer and/or girls willing to take their clothes off.

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