The Worst Punt Ever Will Blow Your Mind. What Happens Next Will Give You Two Points.

I do not regret headlines like this. One man did. His reason will shock you.

Also shocking: how bad this punt is. Joel Maddock of Arizona Western rises to sports and internet infamy today with this sad-as-balls effort at the Fisher Automotive El Toro Bowl. Imagine the dumbest thing you’ve ever accidentally done playing touch football with your friends and multiply it by ten. He goes for the punt, gets nothing but laces, boots it straight up (about 10 feet) and to the right, just far enough for it to catch a bad bounce and cruise out backwards through his own endzone for a safety. If bears had magically appeared and mauled him after the kick it wouldn’t have been worse.

Enjoy your week as the Rebecca Black of football, Joel.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]