Jason Dufner’s Worst Putt Ever Joins The Pantheon Of Embarrassing 2013 Sports Fails

Golfer Jason Dufner’s epic march into sadness already has half a million views, so there’s a chance you’ve already seen it. It joins Jonathan Quick’s worst goal ever, Nick Young’s worst layup attempts in basketball history and Arizona Western’s worst punt imaginable on the shortlist of 2013’s SEO-friendly but still not exaggerated whatsoever sports fails.

It’s hard to even explain the sadness. Dufner sets up for a putt, and before he can actually do anything he knocks the ball away with his putter. He stands there frozen in shock for a while as people start laughing and then does what any of us would do: he gives up and just launches the ball into the water. Live to fight another day, I guess.

I hope there’s a followup video of Dufner just lying facedown on the green, wondering why God abandoned him.

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