#Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Is The Baddest Now: ‘I’m A D*ck. I Don’t Talk To The Other Team’

By | 11 Comments

Kevin Durant talks about his "hater" demeanor with GQ and takes a between-the-lines shot at Thunder management for trading James Harden.


Alexandra Daddario Compared What She’s Like In Sexy Magazine Shoots Vs. Real Life

By | 12 Comments

Alexandra Daddario wants you to know that the version of herself you see in magazines is very different than what she's like in real life.

#Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Supports The Washington Redskins Keeping Their Name

By | 62 Comments

Matthew McConaughey shares his thoughts on the Washington Redskins nickname in an interview with GQ Magazine.


Norman Reedus Was Sad He Couldn’t ‘Rape And Kill’ Jennifer Love Hewitt In A Movie

By | 10 Comments

"The Walking Dead" is back, so star Norman Reedus talked to GQ about how he wanted to "rape and kill" Jennifer Love Hewitt...?


Kim Kardashian Got Naked To Celebrate Being Named The ‘Woman Of The Year’

By | 22 Comments

Kim Kardashian was named Woman of the Year, because apparently every other woman in the world was busy?


If You Want To Hit On Emily Ratajkowski, Ask Yourself, ‘What Would Denzel Do?’

By | 31 Comments

Emily Ratajkowski got literally and figuratively dirty for "GQ."

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Watch John Oliver Attempt To Guess Whether Crazy Soccer Names Like ‘Bongo Christ’ Are Real Or Fake

By | 5 Comments

John Oliver attempts to determine whether names like Bongo Christ, Fabian Assman, and Dick Tickler are those of real soccer players.


Channing Tatum’s GQ Twitter Takeover Was As Disappointing As They Come

By | 12 Comments

'22 Jump Street' star and GQ cover star Channing Tatum took over the magazine's Twitter account today, and the results were lousy.


These Photos Explain Why ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Is The Most Tweeted-About Show Ever

By | 23 Comments

"Pretty Little Liars" is more popular than "Game of Thrones" on Twitter. By far.

Jhene Aiko

Jhené Aiko Takes Thirst Trap Pics For GQ, Gives Advice On How To Bag Girls Like Her

By | 16 Comments

That girl next door that we all crush on is slowly coming out of her shell.


Louis C.K. Tells GQ He Wishes He Had Been More Suicidal After ‘Pootie Tang’

By | 15 Comments

"And I’d be a little disappointed at not being truly suicidal." Oh, Louis.

#game of thrones

Kit Harington Thinks There Should Be Male Nudity On 'Game Of Thrones' — Female UPROXX Writer Agrees

By | 19 Comments

Kit Harington thinks that it's only fair that 'Game of Thrones' male castmembers be held up to the same standards of nudity as their female counterparts.


Joakim Noah Needed Tequila To Get Through His GQ Photoshoot


You wouldn't think when watching his expressive performances for the Bulls, but All-Star center Joakim Noah was a little skittish about appearing in the March issue of Gentleman's Quarterly.

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