A Visual Tour Of GQ’s ‘Best New Restaurants Of 2017’

04.21.17 12 months ago


GQ just released its list of “The Best New Restaurants in America” for 2017. To visit all of the restaurants on the list, you’d have to do quite a bit of traveling — as they’re located in all corners of the country from Los Angeles to Brooklyn (no, it’s not the avocado-only restaurant). The list also runs the gamut of cuisines, from classic Scandinavian, to wood-fired pizza, to casual Korean.

If you don’t have a chance to visit any of these spots, you can at least take a visual tour!

Aska (Brooklyn)

The chef behind Aska is Michelin-starred, Swedish-born Frederik Berselius. His Scandinavian-inspired, tasting menu restaurant can be found in an 1800’s-era warehouse underneath the Williamsburg Bridge.


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Evening line-up.

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