A Visual Tour Of GQ’s ‘Best New Restaurants Of 2017’


GQ just released its list of “The Best New Restaurants in America” for 2017. To visit all of the restaurants on the list, you’d have to do quite a bit of traveling — as they’re located in all corners of the country from Los Angeles to Brooklyn (no, it’s not the avocado-only restaurant). The list also runs the gamut of cuisines, from classic Scandinavian, to wood-fired pizza, to casual Korean.

If you don’t have a chance to visit any of these spots, you can at least take a visual tour!

Aska (Brooklyn)


The chef behind Aska is Michelin-starred, Swedish-born Frederik Berselius. His Scandinavian-inspired, tasting menu restaurant can be found in an 1800’s-era warehouse underneath the Williamsburg Bridge.


Flowers of Vietnam (Detroit)

Chef George Azar is the son of Palestinian immigrant parents so it makes perfect sense that he opened an Asian restaurant in the Mexicantown area of Detroit, right? The menu consists of Azar’s contemporary takes on traditional Vietnamese food.

Han Oak (Portland, Oregon)


This isn’t your grandma’s Korean food — or, it is, but remixed. Specializing in prix-fixe meals, the restaurant takes a modern look at classic dishes like dumplings and noodle bowls.



Kato (Los Angeles)

You might be surprised to hear this, but some of the best restaurants in the country can be found in strip malls. This is the case with LA’s Kato where you’ll find a seafood-based tasting menu with influences from Cali, Taiwan, and Japan.



Kemuri Tatsu-ya (Austin)


If you’ve ever wanted to try food that is a mashup of Texas and Japanese food, now’s your chance. This “Austin izakaya” serves smoked meats, Japanese influenced dishes, and high-quality cocktails.

Rooster Soup Co. (Philadelphia)

Israeli chef Michael Salomonov opened this crowdfunded restaurant opened in 2014 and it’s nothing like the other venues on this list. The wait staff of this already beloved soup-centric restaurant is comprised of volunteers and 100% of the profits go to charity.


Salazar (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles has always been a good place to visit if you’re a lover of Mexican food and Salazar is doing it right. It also has one of the most intentionally terrible websites we’ve ever encountered.

Side Chick (Los Angeles)


The second restaurant located in a mall, Side Chick is definitely not the usual food court cuisine. Specializing in Hainanese chicken, Side Chick is taking fast food to a whole new level.


Tarsan i Jane (Seattle)


Tarsan i Jane is a collaboration between husband and wife Perfecte Roche and Alia Roche. The menu is a combination of Pacific Northwest and modern Valencian cuisine and also made our list of Seattle favorites.


Young Joni (Minneapolis)

Young Joni opened in the fall of 2016 and has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in the Twin Cities. It’s known for its wood-fired pizzas as well as globally-inspired small plates.