Which Rapper Has The Largest Vocabulary? This Handy Chart Has The Answer.

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Have you ever wondered which hip-hop artists have the largest vocabularies? Now there's a chart for that!


GZA Rapped About The Big Bang Theory At The University Of Toronto

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During his lecture at the University of Toronto, GZA offered a sample of his upcoming album with a rap about the Big Bang Theory.

high school

Professor GZA Teaches Teens About The Birds And Bees In An NYC Science Class

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Kids, your science professor today will be...Wu-Tang Clan's GZA.


Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson And Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA Talk Science, Music & Philosophy

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Prepare to be blown away by GZA's knowledge of science and philosophy. Also, prepare to be blown away by Neil deGrasse Tyson just being Neil deGrasse Tyson.


The Black Keys & RZA – “The Baddest Man Alive” Video

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Whether you've heard the song or not, you should know what to expect from a collaboration between The Black Keys & Bobby Digital.


Guilt-Free Listening: Stream “The Man With The Iron Fists” Soundtrack

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While most of the The Man With The Iron Fists OST has been shared in some form over the past few weeks, today we're afforded a chance to listen to the album in one piece before the soundtrack hits retail.


RZA & The Black Keys – “The Baddest Man Alive”

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The RZA's upcoming film, The Man With The Iron Fists, with Quentin Tarantino doesn't drop until after Halloween, but that isn't slowing leaks from its eccentric movie soundtrack.


Wu-Tang's GZA Teaming Up With Neil deGrasse Tyson To Make A Hip-Hop Record About Space

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Let's face it, there are few things more adored by the internet than the <a href="">Wu-Tang Clan</a> and <a href="">Neil deGrasse Tyson</a>.

das racist

The Hood Internet – The Hood Internet Mixtape


After pumping out plenty of party-rocking mash-ups over the past few years, Chi-Town's favorite remix-making duo <a href="">The Hood Internet</a> has compiled this compilation of their most popular takes for a new, self-titled mixtape.


10 Artists Who’ll Never Come Back

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Graphic by <a href="">Talia</a> The recent rally behind Lauryn Hill after her East Coast Rock The Bells stop will soon die down once fans remember the harsh truth -- we lost Lauryn long years ago.


Raekwon Feat. GZA, Inspectah Deck & Thea – “Rockstars” (Prod. By The RZA)

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<a href=""> Did I miss the memo that Shallah Raekwon's releasing <a href="">a "Gold Deluxe Edition"</a> of OB4CLII.



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More often than not, responding to a "roommates needed" ad, posted in a Miami grocery store, usually ends with you guest starring on a Bang Bros.


Method Man, Ghostface Killah, & Raekwon – “Our Dreams”

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While they still need a supergroup name, you could them Shaolin Noodle Soup and it wouldn't affect the quality.


Raekwon – Cuban Revolution Mixtape

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Alex from Killabeez Promo knows you Wu-Gambinos are itching for that Cuban Linx II leak release date of September 8th, so another effort to quench your thirst here's a mixtape compiled of exclusives and unreleased material (featuring a slew of the Clan conglomerates) that won't be appearing on the 2nd Purple Tape.


6.25 The Cooler

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Diamond Coleman Brings The Thickness On Thursday TV Everywhere Is Comcast And Time Warner’s Answer To Free Internet Video [Tech Crunch] Remember When...People Wore FUBU? [Broken Cool] Top Ten Songs to Fight To [Gunaxin] Celebs Respond to Perez Getting Punched [Celeb Jihad] Nike, NBA HOF, [...].


The Black Lips Feat. GZA – “The Drop I Hold”

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Yesterday this GZA/Black Lips collabo track hit the inbox then <a href="">Spinner</a> threw it up along with a quote from one of the Lips'.


“Head Rush”

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Words By Jesse H.

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