GZA Rapped About The Big Bang Theory At The University Of Toronto

As we’re still celebrating all things Wu-Tang Clan, from amazing cakes to the most creative tattoos, in honor of the iconic rap group’s 20th anniversary of “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),” it’s only fitting that we also throw in a little news on the new albums of individual members, too. For instance, GZA has a new album, “Dark Matter,” coming out next year, and he was kind enough to give a room full of students at the University of Toronto a sample during his lecture, “Consciousness, Creativity and Music.”

In this video, with the lyrics conveniently added, GZA raps about the Big Bang Theory – the event and not the show that’s on TBS 42 hours a day – and according to so-called experts and geniuses, it’s incredibly accurate. Get ready to leave the universe on a hot stove for an hour so GZA can stick it in your brain all slow.

(Banner via Getty)