Professor GZA Teaches Teens About The Birds And Bees In An NYC Science Class

Is there anything GZA can’t do? The Wu-Tang Clan founding member is a rapper, producer, excellent live performer, genius (“Genius”), science buff, actor, all-around swell guy, and now, a part-time teacher. New York’s Park East High School is using rap as a way to teach ninth graders about science, and while that’s an awful idea 99% of the time, the 1% exception is Wu-Tang. Think Schoolhouse Rock, but more like Schoolhouse Raekwon.

This pilot program that uses hip-hop music to teach science in ten of New York City’s public schools was started by Dr. Chris Emdin of Columbia University’s Teachers College.

“The people who most embrace hip-hop culture are the same populations who are most disinterested in school and disinterested in science,” Emdin said.

Emdin was looking for new ways to engage minority students, so he formed a partnership with award-winning artist GZA of the hip- hop group the Wu-Tang Clan. (Via)

“Tonight’s homework assignment is: which sexual organ is used ta f*ck wit?”

(Via CBS News)