The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Max B’s “Picture Me Rollin'”

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Quite the important birth date in New York Hip-Hop history, indeed.


“Free Max B” Raglan Tees

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Put some money on Biggaveli's books for the holidays and beyond.


Max B – “Keep Your Head To The Sky”

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Max B's physical is still locked behind the walls of the concrete jungle.


Byrdgang & Run TMC: Six Peas In The Same Pod

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Byrdgang's brief run prior to Stacks' passing and Jim and Max's falling out provided some of New York's finest and still under-documented music of the 2000s.


The Truth About Max B’s Appeal From Amalgam Digital’s CEO

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With no actual filter on the Internet, deciphering the validity of nearly anything is becoming a task virtually impossible to navigate.


Max B. Drops A “Phone Check” Freestyle From Prison

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50 recently squashed the rumored <a href="">$4 million dollar plan</a> to get Biggavelli out of jail.


Is 50 Cent Really Going To Bail Max B. Out Of Prison For $4M?

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In science, waves are generated largely by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.

Stack Bundles

On Potential And When Byrdgang Flew High

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<a href=""> "We out on the road enjoyin' our wealth Around the globe our stories are felt Cause I can do bad by myself I'ma survive with my n*ggas help My n*ggas gon' ride with no safety belt Cause I can I do bad by myself..." The time was 2006 and the institution known as the Diplomats stood at a peculiar fork in the road. Rumors of a break up ran rampant and the diminishing frequency of seeing Cam and Jimmy in unison only reinforced Hip Hop conspiracy theorists' claims. And ironically, different members were branching out in attempts to begin their own crusade using the same principles which made Dipset so culturally successful. Like I've said <a href="">over</a> and <a href="">over</a> again, Jim Jones, of all people, played rap's Mel Kiper landing him the best draft class of any Diplomat.


Could Max B Walk Out Of Prison This Summer?

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<a href=""> Talk about a surprising change of events. Owwwwww. Hip-Hop star Max B. could be coming home as soon as July, if things go according to plans with the appeal of his 75-year jail sentence. Max was sentenced to the prison sentence in June of 2009, for his alleged part in a botched robbery that lead to a homicide in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel. During an exclusive interview, Max B. explained how he prepared to enter the jail system and what he might face behind the walls, while serving the 75 years. "The appeal process is done, finally, it's been done for about a month now," Max B. revealed. "So now what they do is, the prosecutor responds back and you get a letter. They tell you, you gotta wait eight to 10 months for a response from the appellate court." According to Max B., he is expecting the decision regarding his freedom to be made much sooner than the eight to ten months window of time that it normally takes. "You might see me in the summer, you might see me at the end of the year," Max B. revealed. "I'm just waiting on the appellate courts. All my paperwork is done." Read the rest over at <a href=""></a>.

Vigilante Season

Max B – “Blow My High” Video

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<a href=""> "The word is that I'm not a sucker for love, I just think with my d*ck..." According to <a href="">Legend</a>, the response to Biggaveli's Vigilante Season was met with such a wave of hunger, Amalgam Digital is currently <a href="">taking pre-orders</a> for the special edition CD and t-shirt.

#Miley Cyrus

4.8 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Gabriella Bobe The 2011 Masters Drinking Game <a href="">[BroBible]</a> Natalie Portman Is A Former Pothead <a href="">[GOT]</a> Meet The NFL Lockout’s Bravest Faces <a href="">[With Leather]</a> Ashley Judd Goes In On Snoop Dogg, P.

Vigilante Season

Max B – “Money Make Me Feel Better” Video

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<a href=""> Can you imagine what a 2011 Max B/Wiz Khalifa track would sound like? It'd be on some Eddie Kane/David Ruffin type stuff with them trying to out harmonize each other. And even though Kane (the singer) was not a real person, that comparison makes so much sense in my eyes. On March 29th, Amalgam Digital releases Biggavel's debut with the label, Vigilante Season. "Money Make Me Feel Better" is the first look into what will ultimately result in the entire wave. Similar to Tupac's "<a href="">Temptations</a>" video some 16 years earlier, others - like Mak Mustard and Al Pac - are left to bring the main character's lyrics and vision to life.


When Max B Ran The Streets

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<a href=""> With all the talk of "Free Weezy," another one of Hip Hop's braided wonders also sits behind bars. Unlike <a href="">Tunechi</a>, however, <a href="">Max B</a> doesn't look to find freedom for the next several decades or so.

Young Chris

DJ Drama x Cookin Soul – History In The Making

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<a href="download-dj-drama-and-cookin-soul-history-in-the-making"> Mr. Thanksgiving and the producers who do it better the 2nd time, Cookin Soul, come through with another freebie on this glorious Tuesday to make your iPod smile. When is the last time you heard a compilation mixtape that was worthy of constant spins? More than likely it was a <a href="">CS presentation</a>.


Orange Is Not A Good Color For Rappers

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<a href=""> Rappers and jail report, featuring updates on the court cases against <a href="">Boosie</a> and <a href="">Max B</a>.

Young Riot

A Wave Called Yes Starring Max B & Young Riot

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<a href=""> The Wave cannot be detained by prison years and jail bars. Amalgam Digital drops a new Max B. tape, featuring all original production and guest appearances by Curren$y, French Montana, Dame Grease, Young Los, Whitey, DJ Next & DJ Si. Download -- <a href="">DJ Next Presents A Wave Called Yes Starring Max B & Young Riot</a> | <a href="">Alt. Link</a>.


4.19 The Cooler

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Havy Jaf 'Mighty Mouse' Is On His Way...To Paramount [Inside Movies] 40 Reasons to Be Excited About Music [Rolling Stone] The 23 Best iTunes Add-ons [Lifehacker] My Weeklong Journey into Farmville [Unreality] Comme des Garcons x Moncler 365 Collection [Culture Shoq] Roc Marciano talks "Marcberg" [...].


3.22 The Cooler

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Jackie Principal Bans Hugs in Oregon Middle School [Fox News] Burglar Gets Caught After Logging On To MySpace [F-Listed] Duck Sauce x Fool's Gold [Sneaker Freaker] McDonald’s Will Use Nintendo DS To Train New Employees [The Koalition] Top 10 Remote Control and Streaming Tools [Lifehacker] Max [...].

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