French Montana Sends Prayers Up For Max B. And Chinx On The New Track ‘Paid For’

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French Montana was struck with a bit of career misfortune a few weeks back when his MC4 LP first suffered a pushback — either due to sample clearances or lack of buzz — before being scrapped completely after the album leaked. Instead of wallowing in his misery, which is what I do when I accidentally delete a draft before it gets saved, French decided to cook up a completely new project for fans. He’s says it’s “like 70 percent done” and should be releasing in October if all things go as planned.

But, before we move on completely from the Mac and Cheese series, here’s “Paid For,” a track that didn’t make the cut for the album.

What’s most attractive about the song besides its almost ten minutes run time would be vocals from French’s fallen comrade Chinx and his incarcerated brother Max B. Both guys wind up on the second half of the song as French goes at it solo during the first few minutes of the track. The two halves are separated by a prayer from Momma Montana, who asks for a higher power to steer both French and Max into a positive direction and protect them from evil. For many other MCs, the moment may feel disjointed but for French feels earnest.

Next to DJ Khaled, he may be one of the game’s most liked artists, one who shares strong bonds with a multitude of stars. And, of course, he longstanding relationship with Max during the latter’s bid has been well documented, the most recent update coming in the form of news of the Silver Surfer’s potential prison release happening soon. So, while losing MC4 may be a downer, French knows his blessings are still flowing in many ways. Something he testifies to in “Paid For” because sometimes we need our moms to remind us what’s really important.