Because It’s Friday: MONKEY FIGHT!!!

As much of a fan of crazy zoo videos as I am – specifically those that involve literal hippopotamus sh*t storms – I often wonder just how stupid the average zoo-goer is.


Writers Geoff Johns And Jeff Lemire Discuss ‘Trinity War’ And… Monkeys?


Trinity War is DC's big upcoming event, and we sit with Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire to find out more about the crossover. Also, about Monkey World.


Shock The Monkey: Paralyzed Primate Fixed By Neural Bridge Implant

A formerly-paralyzed monkey is back in poop-flinging shape thanks to a new electronic bypass system which creates a neural bridge.


A Critique of “Monkey Farter”

Today on Our Art Art Hour, an in-depth look at "Monkey Farter" from an artist named Will.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber And His Illegal Pet Monkey May Have Just Caused The Next Pandemic


If the monkey virus spreads in the next couple of weeks, killing everyone, blame Justin Bieber.


Monkey Workout? Monkey Workout.

The video description: Monkey dose exercise for tourists.


Monkey Works Out

This monkey finds time in his busy day to do pushups and sit-ups.


Two Competitors For The Pope's Throne, Magical Monkeys, And Afternoon Links

Today's afternoon links, featuring two characters who could be pope and a music video with murderous, magical monkeys.


Monkey Wearing a Snow Suit

This monkey is ready for anything mother nature throws at it.


Famous Last Words And Afternoon Links

Today's afternoon links, featuring the MedicAlert bracelet for every internet user, an orangutan's final request, and a derpy pug going upstairs.


Meme Watch: IKEA Monkey Photoshops Are More Fun Than A Barrel Full Of, Well, You Know


Darwin the IKEA Monkey is going to be well cared for, which makes it easy to guiltlessly show off our 30 favorite IKEA Monkey photoshops, GIFs, and videos.


Honest Trailer: ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (Morning Links)


[via Screen Junkies] MORNING LINKS Truth, Justice, Beards: Man of Steel has a new trailer |Film Drunk| Come see Vince, Matt Louv and others riff on horror films this Friday |Fresh Like Cadaver| This needs to happen.


All Bow Down To Your New Internet Overlord, A Coat-Wearing Monkey Found In An Ikea


A monkey wearing a coat was found in an Ikea in Toronto over the weekend. STORY OF THE YEAR.


The San Francisco Zoo Named A Baby Monkey After Sergio Romo


In recent years, lucky animals have played a huge part in Major League Baseball teams’ World Series runs, from the Anaheim Angels of Anaheim Los Angeles Angels’ Rally Monkey to the St.


Annie’s Boobs Threw Out The First Pitch At A Padres Game


In a story that is extremely relevant to my interests, the first pitch at Thursday's San Diego Padres/Los Angeles Dodgers game at PETCO Park was thrown out by Crystal, aka "that one monkey from everything," aka Annie's Boobs from 'Community'.


Cowboy Monkey Rodeo

Tim Lepard is living his childhood dream of owning monkeys.


A New (Kind Of Dorky Looking) Species Of Monkey Has Been Discovered


A new species of monkey has been documented by scientists, and the thing looks like a bit of a goober...


Touch These Links And You’ll Know Science

Today's links, featuring a cat playing with a plasma globe, which (according to Michael Scott from 'The Office') is an instant way to learn science. Plus, monkeys on bikes.


Dog Adopts Baby Monkey

A baby monkey refuses to leave the back of a dog in Thailand.


Expectations Versus Reality, Real-Life Ratatouille, And Links

Today's links, featuring a real-life 'Ratatouille' character, a girl doing some Myspace voodoo on Facebook, and a sarcastic primate.

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