Justin Bieber's Monkey Finally Has A New Home

Pop star and SWAG ‘bag Justin Bieber purchased his pet capuchin monkey, “OG Mally Bieber”, back in March, just in time for the launch of his European tour. But when you’re 19-years old, you tend to forget things like the proper paperwork for bringing wild animals from country to country, so poor Mally was confiscated by the German government within days of Bieber getting him.

The country’s officials gave the singer until May 7 to present them with the proper paperwork so he could reclaim his “beloved” new pet and continue about his tour. Except a funny thing happened on the way to the monkey detention center – Bieber never responded and just left Mally in Germany for good. Fortunately, the German officials have found a new home for the young monkey and he’s already the king of the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen.

Mally was transferred Wednesday to the zoo’s new monkey area, consisting of a tree-covered island — dubbed “Mally-bu” — surrounded by a moat and equipped with a house for its seven residents.

He’s the first to arrive on the island and the others will be introduced gradually, if all goes according to plan, zoo spokeswoman Juliane Gunkel told CNN.

The other capuchins are three males and three females, one of whom was born around the same time as Mally and is known as Molly, Gunkel said. (Via CNN)

Now approximately 27-weeks old, the monkey is believed to have been only 9-weeks old when Bieber got him, which would have been too young for it to have been taken away from its mother anyway, so this is probably the best for all concerned parties. Of course, Bieber still doesn’t seem to be a concerned party, as the zoo’s officials claimed to have contacted Bieber’s people to let him know about Mally’s new home, but received no response.

At the risk of editorializing, Ross Gellar from Friends was one of the worst TV characters of all-time, but he still thought enough of his pet monkey, Marcel, to try to visit him at the zoo. Does this make Justin Bieber worse than Ross Gellar? I think so.