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The NY Post & NY Daily News Ran Identical ‘Cray-Z’ Jay-Z/Solange Covers Today


Come on, try harder, front page editors at the Post and Daily News. This one was a little too obvious.

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Is This Woman’s Selfie With A Suicidal Man The Worst Selfie Ever Taken? Probably!

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It was only a matter of time before someone took a selfie with a suicidal person preparing to jump off of a bridge. America in 2013, y'all!


UNC And South Carolina Are Instate Rivals, Says Someone Who Has Never Heard Of North Or South Carolina

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When it comes to sports reporting, sometimes you can't let the little things -- like facts, or geography -- get in the way of a good story.


A New York City Surgeon Is Offering Free Procedures To Women Who Set Him Up On Dates

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New York Dr. Emil Chynn has found himself on the defensive after being labeled "pompous" by media outlets for being picky with the women that he dates.

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Leah Remini Has Left The Church Of Scientology

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The New York Post reported that actress Leah Remini has left the church of Scientology after questioning David Miscavige led to her being interrogated.


Alec Baldwin Apparently Lost It Again, Allegedly Called A Black Photographer A ‘Crackhead’ And A ‘Coon’

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Is Alec Baldwin a towering a-hole? Yes, absolutely. Is he also a racist? Let's sure as hell hope not!


The Single Worst Hurricane Sandy Tweet Of Course Came From The New York Post

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On a day where most New York City residents came together to help one another get through a dangerous storm, the NY Post hoped for death.


Adam Carolla, The UPROXX Interview: ‘Everyone Can Kiss My Ass, I Don’t Care’

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Carolla discussed how he believes the New York Post "misquoted" his comments regarding female comics, how he’s dealt with the resulting criticism, why he thinks men are turning into women, and his love of classic cars, among other things.

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NY Post Columnist: Brooklyn Nets Should Be Called The “New York N***ers”

By | 34 Comments

The New York Post's <a href="!/biggga/status/198480041468887040">questionable ethics</a> are unfamiliar to those outside of the Apple.


Colbert's New York Post Hooker Headline Parodies


The New York Post managed to out-New York Post headline itself yesterday with its <a href="" target="blank">stock market/"hooker's drawers" comparison</a>.

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The New York Post Does Not Understand The Internet


We get that newspapers hate and fear the Internet, since the Internet is making newspapers extinct at a pretty good clip, but we remain baffled by their attempts to install paywalls.

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You’se A Sucker For Love

By | 22 Comments

Obviously anything first seen in the New York Post's <a href="">Page Six</a> has to be taken with a grain of salt.

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