The ‘New York Post’ Has Declared Boobs Back In Style And People Have Strong Opinions

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Boobs are back, y’all! Have you heard? It’s true, so says the New York Post, in an op-ed published on Tuesday, which was originally run in the British tabloid The Sun. Joely Chilcott, the author of the article, cites the rise in popularity of models and socialites such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid as partially responsible for the small-boobed trend that has apparently been the recent scourge of society.

Also apparently to blame is the fashion phenomenon known bralet, which is basically just a small triangle of fabric that can only be pulled off by the small-endowed. But times, they are a-changing, according to Chilcott.

But now lingerie brand Ann Summers reports a 27 percent rise in sales of cleavage-enhancing bras, surely confirming the buxom look is back.

Thanks to push-up bras, chicken fillets, and clever makeup, help is out there for us all to make the best of our breasts. It’s a trend that the small-boobed can join in with, whereas there’s no disguising a large bust, no matter how much bandage tape or clever necklines you try.

Chilcott likewise points to celebrities such as Rihanna at the recent premiere of Valerian And The City of a Thousand Planets (above), as well as Susan Sarandon’s jaw-dropping neckline at Cannes back in May as evidence that boobs are coming back.

But let’s face it: boobs never went anywhere. For every Cara Delevingne there’s a Kate Moss in the ’90s and Paris Hilton in the aughts making small chests fashionable, and so on and so forth. And see, that’s the great thing about boobs. They’re fun in any size! Look no further than the enduring popularity of Sofia Vergara — who recently even opened up about what it’s like having huge boobs in Women’s Health — to that point.

As such, many on Twitter were quick to point out the discrepancy in the claim that boobs were ever not a thing:

So let this be a lesson to the New York Post, Sun, and any other publication with hot takes on boobs. There’s room for more than one size of boobs in this world, so flaunt ’em if you’ve got ’em (or don’t! whatever’s your cup of tea) — supposed fashion “trends” be damned.