New York Post: ‘Hey Ladies, Catcalls Are Flattering! Deal With It.’

To give a female perspective on catcalling, I personally tend to regard it anywhere from slight irritation to eye-rolling amusement. But I also don’t have to deal with it on a regular basis, and for women who work in downtown areas of major cities — I can absolutely understand how the constant harassment and whistles can be upsetting and degrading.

Which is why I couldn’t believe that this New York Post article, “Hey, ladies — catcalls are flattering! Deal with it” — written by an actual woman — wasn’t some kind of Onion-level satire.

But it’s not. It’s 100% real. Here are some choice excerpts:

It’s the time of year when I can parade around in a skimpy dress with strategic cutouts that would make my mom wince.

And when I know I’m looking good, I brazenly walk past a construction site, anticipating that whistle and “Hey, mama!” catcall. Works every time — my ego and I can’t fit through the door!

Oh, and you bet you sweet ass (pun intended) she’s going to play the feminism card:

Isn’t feminism all about self-empowerment, anyway — or am I just lifting from an impassioned speech by a college porn star named Belle Knox?

Besides, hard hats need something to look at while they’re on their lunch break. I can be that objectified sex thing for them! What’s so wrong about a “You are sexy!” comment from any observant man?

Or, you know, women just got raped a ton back then:

I imagine the catcall stretches back to ancient construction times, when the Israelites were building the pyramids, with scores of single Jewish women hiking up their loincloths, hoping for a little attention.

Although the article is written in the trolliest, most unintelligent way, I will concede that she does make one overall point here: Some women do, in fact, enjoy catcalling and there’s nothing wrong with that. Women with daddy issues are allowed to have opinions too, so who are we to take that from them?

(Via the New York Post)