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‘Columbusing’ Is The Newest Scourge To Infect Our Social Lives And Popular Culture

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What is 'Columbusing?' Why it's oldest/newest trend to annoy everyone you know.


Important Science Explains Why You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

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NPR compared 74,476 pizza prices to answer the question: what do you pay per square inch of pizza for different pizza sizes?

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NPR 'Weekend Edition' Host Scott Simon Has Been Livetweeting His Mother's Death

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The host of NPR's "Weekend Edition," Sam Simon, has been tweeting about his mother's death. It's the most depressing thing ever.


NPR Has Named Ryan Lochte The Perfect Bro

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Finally, NPR has weighed on on what is and is not a Bro.

Christoph Niemann

Terry Gross’s ‘Fresh Air’ Interview With Maurice Sendak, Illustrated


Illustrator Christoph Niemann was so moved by Maurice Sendak's 2001 "Fresh Air" interview that he was inspired to illustrate the first five minutes of it.


7 Things We Learned From Dean Norris’ Appearance On NPR’s Fresh Air

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When I downloaded the latest podcast of NPR's Fresh Air this morning I was delighted to learn that Dean Norris -- aka Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad -- was Terry Gross's guest on the show. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the interview.

Alec Baldwin, NPR Podcast Host


In arguably the funniest sketch in SNL history (Who ya got.

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The Ira Glass/Terry Gross Sex Tape No One Asked For Is Hilarious

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There are a handful of podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, and NPR's "This American Life" with Ira Glass and "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross are two of them.


You Can Finally Put Some Delicious Schweddy Balls In Your Mouth


All the way back in 1998 Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, and Alec Baldwin (as Pete Schweddy) starred in an SNL skit called <a href="">The Delicious Dish</a>, in which they poked fun at NPR and introduced us all to Alec Baldwin's Schweddy Balls.


Bill Clinton Is Totally A Broney


As you may have noticed, some people have gone a bit gaga over "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" -- which is a really good show -- and have made <a href="../music/2011/06/wu-tang-clan-beastie-boys-and-seinfeld-headline-the-best-of-my-little-pony-youtube-mashups/">funny song mashups</a> and <a href="">A+ physics presentations</a> about the ponies.


NPR Nancy Crying About Handshakes

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Last time we heard from Grandpa Munster lookalike Frank Deford, he was writing and blabbing for NPR about how <a href="">trick plays are child abuse</a>.


NPR Nancy Boy Decries Trick Plays

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By now, if you have basic Internet, then you’ve seen the clip of Driscoll Middle School’s football team pulling a fast one on their opponents, and if you search “Driscoll Middle School” or even “trick play” on YouTube, you’ll get 400 pages of “Greatest Trick Play Ever” and various other verbal celebrations and tributes.


“History In The Making…Once Again” – Obama To Appear On Leno

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President Obama sure has no qualms being a trailblazer as he is set to make <a href="">history</a> once again by appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno this Thursday.


2.13 The Cooler

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