‘Serial’ Strikes Back: The Podcast Responds To Prosecutor’s Claims

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The podcast's producers hit back at Kevin Urick's claims that they only contacted him once.


Meet The Former Pastor Who Spent A Year Living As An Atheist: ‘I Don’t Think God Exists’

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"I think before I wanted a closer relationship to God and today I just want a closer relationship with reality,"


‘Serial’ Victim’s Brother Condemns Podcast For Exploiting His Sister’s Murder

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The younger brother of Hae Min Lee took to Reddit to slam the popular show for sensationalizing his sister's murder.


Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Has Released A Statement Addressing The Recent Sexual Assault Allegations

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Following Bill Cosby's awkward NPR interview, the comedians lawyer has released an official statement.


Bill Cosby Refused To Talk About The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him In An Interview With NPR

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Bill Cosby was prodded about the allegations of sexual assault against him on NPR and his response was silence.

#Batman vs. Superman

Ben Affleck Regrets ‘Daredevil’. That Makes Two Of Us.

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"Indeed I have regrets about 'Daredevil'." Ben Affleck speaks frankly about 'Batman V Superman' and that other superhero he played.


‘Columbusing’ Is The Newest Scourge To Infect Our Social Lives And Popular Culture

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What is 'Columbusing?' Why it's oldest/newest trend to annoy everyone you know.


Important Science Explains Why You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

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NPR compared 74,476 pizza prices to answer the question: what do you pay per square inch of pizza for different pizza sizes?

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts

Watch: John Legend’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ With NPR

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Singer explains producing 12 Years A Slave soundtrack and how the slave narrative held an extremely close connection to his own family history.


NPR 'Weekend Edition' Host Scott Simon Has Been Livetweeting His Mother's Death

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The host of NPR's "Weekend Edition," Sam Simon, has been tweeting about his mother's death. It's the most depressing thing ever.

tim tebow

NPR Has Named Ryan Lochte The Perfect Bro

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Finally, NPR has weighed on on what is and is not a Bro.


Guilt-Free Listening: Wavves’ ‘Afraid of Heights’ Album Stream

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I started writing for TSS three years ago in the summer of 2010.


Guilt-Free Listening: Atoms For Peace’s “Amok” Album Stream

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So that whole Thom Yorke side-project, Atoms For Peace, actually culminated into a finished project.

terry gross

Terry Gross’s ‘Fresh Air’ Interview With Maurice Sendak, Illustrated


Illustrator Christoph Niemann was so moved by Maurice Sendak's 2001 "Fresh Air" interview that he was inspired to illustrate the first five minutes of it.

Young Turks

Guilt-Free Listening: The xx’s “Coexist” Album Stream

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Fans of The xx can finally click play on the group's first full-length project since 2009 with the full stream of Coexist.

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