The Weather Station’s Sleek Tiny Desk Concert Is Quiet Folk Brilliance

Editorial Director, Music

The Weather Station is Tamara Lindeman’s fourth self-titled record, and this time around she seems more wise and self-assured than ever. After joining up with the North Carolina-based folk and country curators, Paradise Of Bachelors, back in 2015 for the release of her breakout album, Loyalty — but she was putting out great folk music for almost a decade before that album won her a national, or international rather, spotlight. As a Canadian artist, Lindeman brings her own quiet significance to the folk and acoustic guitar tradition, easily warping old standards to suit her needs and will. On last year’s self-titled, the standout track “Thirty” traces a life unfolding at a rapid pace, but not too quickly to skip over the milestone moments.

At NPR she performed that leadoff single, “Thirty,” along with “You and I (On the Other Side Of The World),” and “Free,” all off her most recent album. I would’ve loved to hear “Life’s Work” off Loyalty, as it is currently my favorite song she’s ever written, but these will do fine in the interim between now and whenever I next get the chance to see her live — which you should do, if you get the chance. There is nothing quite as elegant as Lindeman onstage singing her songs like sacred whispers. Watch her perform them above and look out for much more from her in the near future.

Loyalty is out now via Paradise Of Bachelors. Get it here.

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