Frotcast 396: Das Crapital, With Paul Palmeri And Francesca Fiorentini

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Comedian Paul Palmeri and Bitchuation Room host Francesca Fiorentini stop by the Frotcast this week to talk about NPR firing their film critic David Edelstein over his bad Last Tango In Paris joke, and bad NPR comedy in general. Also, why does the punishment seem so much worse when the person actually apologizes lately? Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite? We discuss screenwriter Terry Rossio saying calling someone “anti-vaxx” was like calling them the N-Word. We also dig into the “tankie” phenomenon and the left’s small but exhausting pedant wing. Oh, and Creed II, which Paul has seen. Was it apolitical because Sly is buddies with Trump? Matt and I recorded a new review for the Patreon patrons this week but you can’t listen to it yet (still embargo’d)., 415 275 0030,

Matt and I argued about whether this episode should be titled “Das Crapital,” in honor of Matt’s butt eating, or “Da’s Kapital,” in honor of (*terrible Irish accent*) “Be a good boy ‘n go ‘n foight yer da’!”

That’s just a little inside baseball for you. Whatever happens, just remember that the Frotcast loves you and wants you to be happy.

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