Heist Of The Century

A Memphis Man Stole 7,500 Pairs Of LeBron’s Sneakers Worth $1.5 Million

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The story of the man who almost made off with $1.5 million of LeBron's unreleased sneaker.

hipster robber

No One Takes This Fedora-Wearing Crook Seriously During This Attempted Robbery

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In what appears to be the first recorded instance of a hipster robber, the fashion-conscious gunman was shamed into leaving with nothing.


Here’s A Man Being Robbed At Gunpoint While His GoPro Films It All

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This cyclist got the scare of his life when three men jumped him at gunpoint and took everything but his GoPro camera.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Is Being Investigated For Attempted Robbery In Los Angeles

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Justin Bieber's slow descent into becoming the lamest criminal ever continues with this poor excuse for a robbery.


A Group Of Ninjas Wearing Fedoras Are Robbing The Wealthy In Southwestern Florida

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Authorities are on the lookout for a group of mysterious ninjas wearing fedoras after a string of robberies in Florida.


This Local Newsman Is Very Excited To Report About A Man Who Robbed A Waffle House With A Pitchfork

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A man robbed a Waffle House with a pitchfork, but the real entertainment comes from the news report about the robbery.

#Viral Videos

Because It’s Friday, Here’s Video Of A Bear Stealing A Dumpster

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Yes, bears are capable of stealing dumpsters. Hey, if you were a bear, wouldn't you?


A 12-Year Old Boy In Pennsylvania Robbed A Lemonade Stand With A BB Gun

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A 12-year old boy in Pennsylvania was arrested for stealing $30 from a lemonade stand by threatening younger children with a BB gun.


Does Everybody Have a Gun In Florida?


Crimes happen every day in the US.


Tis The Season To… Stick ‘Em Up?


The holidays are a tough time for some people, and unfortunately that brings out the worst in them.

#dumb criminals

Nun’s New Hymn: “Been Caught Stealing”


What do an Israeli soldier and a New York nun have in common.


Batman Exists And He Robbed A McDonald’s, Also Drives A Honda

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Congratulations, if you've already read that headline it means now that basically you're an official member of the Belmont Police Department, because that's pretty much all the info that they've got on their latest case.

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