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Because It’s Friday, Here’s Video Of A Bear Stealing A Dumpster

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Yes, bears are capable of stealing dumpsters. Hey, if you were a bear, wouldn't you?


A 12-Year Old Boy In Pennsylvania Robbed A Lemonade Stand With A BB Gun

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A 12-year old boy in Pennsylvania was arrested for stealing $30 from a lemonade stand by threatening younger children with a BB gun.


Does Everybody Have a Gun In Florida?


Crimes happen every day in the US.


Tis The Season To… Stick ‘Em Up?


The holidays are a tough time for some people, and unfortunately that brings out the worst in them.

dumb criminals

Nun’s New Hymn: “Been Caught Stealing”


What do an Israeli soldier and a New York nun have in common.


Batman Exists And He Robbed A McDonald’s, Also Drives A Honda

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Congratulations, if you've already read that headline it means now that basically you're an official member of the Belmont Police Department, because that's pretty much all the info that they've got on their latest case.

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