A Sword-Wielding Thief Was Scared Off By A Convenience Store Clerk Who Had A Bigger Sword

When a couple of would-be thieves stormed a convenience store in Pittsburgh armed with a sword, they were probably expecting very little resistance. After all, you don’t mess around with a guy with a sword — those things are sharp. What they weren’t expecting, however, was the cashier pulling out a bigger sword of his own and going all, “there can be only one” on him.

The criminals hightailed it out of the store and no one was hurt. In fact, one of the criminals even dropped an armful of T-shirts he had planned to take during the robbery. According to some reports, the cashier actually had a gun handy behind the counter and could have used it, but apparently decided the opportunity to chase him out of the store with a scimitar was just too good to pass up.

(Via and NBC Philadelphia)