Is Someone Selling Ex-Patriots Linebacker Brandon Spikes’ AFC Title Ring On EBay?

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It’s been just over a week since linebacker Brandon Spikes was released from the New England Patriots following an alleged hit-and-run incident, and he’s trying to completely cut ties with his former team. Or at least according to The Internet. Early Tuesday morning it appeared that Spikes, who remains off an NFL roster, was selling his 2011 AFC Championship Ring he won with New England on eBay.

However, according to Spikes’ agent, the ring was stolen before it showed up on the auction website.

Whether or not Spikes is selling the ring, it could be yours for the bargain price of $19,499! However, it looks like the seller has ended the auction. EBay’s standard “SOLD” tagline is plastered across the ring’s image, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the item actually found a buyer.

[Source: The Score]