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The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 12/8/14: You Think I Give A Damn About A Slammy

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw and the 2014 Slammy Awards for December 8, 2014. I'm sorry, I love you.


Seth Green, Host Of The WWE Slammy Awards, Thinks Batista Is An ‘MMA Fighter’

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In an interview on Larry King Now, Seth Green (former Raw host, wrestler and Slammy Awards MC) identified Batista as an MMA fighter.


Listen To All Of The Different Voices Used For Rocket Raccoon In Recent Years

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This supercut allows us to finally decide which of Rocket Raccoon's voices from recent years is our favorite.


Seth Green Denies Eating A Booger On ‘Conan,’ But We All Know He Totally Ate That Booger

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Seth Green returns to Conan to deny the time he ate a booger on the show. Decide for yourself where the truth lies!

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Seth Green On Being The ‘Cha-ching Guy’ In Those Rally’s Fast Food Commercials

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Did you know that Seth Green was once the star of a wildly popular regional fast food commercial?

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

That Other ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ End Credits Character Will Also Be A Toy

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Not only does Groot have an officially-licensed toy, but so will another character from the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' end credits scene.

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

Here’s Who Voiced That Surprise Post-Credits ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Character

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So, who provided the voice for *REDACTED* in the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' post-credits scene?


Check out this Trailer for the Calvin & Hobbes doc ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’

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I don't think it makes me special to say I owned a million Calvin and Hobbes books growing up.


Today in Shut the Hell Up: “The Geekies”

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I've been hoping and praying almost every day for past few years that this cottage industry built around flattering and pandering to "nerds" (whatever the hell that even means anymore) would finally start to die, but it hasn't slowed at all.

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The Pilot For Fox’s ‘Dads’ Sounds All-Time Awful

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The pilot for Fox's "Dads," starring Seth Green, sounds like an epic disaster.


Let’s Go Exploring Calvin And Hobbes Cosplay And The ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ Trailer


Calvin And Hobbes documentary 'Dear Mr. Watterson' has been picked up for distribution. Let's celebrate with cosplay.


Aquaman’s Pathetic Reality


Seth Green shows Conan O'Brien why it's tough being the "water" superhero.


'Star Wars: Detours' Parody From The 'Robot Chicken' Guys Looks, Um…

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'Star Wars: Detours' is a George Lucas approved parody from the Robot Chicken guys (Seth Green and Matt Senreich). We have a trailer and six clips.

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Seth Green Is Starring In A Miniseries About Computer Hackers, And Other News From 1996

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"Seth Green stars as a computer hacker named Lucifer in a miniseries titled 'Delete' about the Internet turning on mankind" is very, VERY 90s pitch for a show.


Mila Kunis Wants To Play A Superhero. Let’s Do This.

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Mila Kunis wants to play a superhero, also insisted that the comic book character based on her have "big boobs and a big old ass and a cape."

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‘Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie’ enrages half the audience, delights the rest

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As <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/11/first-teaser-for-tim-erics-billion-dollar-movie">we’ve previously learned</a> about Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim play directors who are tasked with creating a billion dollar movie and of course they screw it up.


David Cross Gives The Most Concise Clip Set-Up In The History Of Clip Set-Ups


While most of us were coming to the conclusion that field goals are the new touchdowns last night, <a href="http://teamcoco.com/video/david-cross-sets-up-clip" target="blank">David Cross was on Conan</a> giving a seminar on how to concisely set up a clip on a late night talk show.


Robot Chicken Previews Their DC Comics Episode, Very Special Power Rings


At New York Comic Con earlier this month, Green Lantern writer/Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns announced that there will be a Robot Chicken episode all about DC Comics superheroes.

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