Seth Green Cannot Stop Laughing About Your ‘Howard The Duck’ Dreams

Marvel just announced “Phase 3” of their movie schedule, which includes three unnamed films in 2020. Since his post-credits cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, Howard the Duck — a Steve Gerber created, cigar-smoking, talking duck character — has received a little bit of love in the form of his comic being rebooted by Marvel. Apparently some of those people are hoping one of those unnamed movies is a new Howard the Duck, the idea of which just absolutely cracks up Seth Green, who voiced the character’s latest on-screen appearance.

IGN stopped the Robot Chicken creator at New York Comic Con yesterday afternoon, and asked him if he’s had any calls from Marvel asking him to return for maybe a feature-length voiceover job:

Nobody’s thinking about a Howard the Duck movie. I love that people are running with it because… you know it’s not… you know it’s not gonna happen, right?

He went on to explain that because he and Guardians director James Gunn are buddies going back to their Scooby Doo days, it was more a favor to voice Howard than a serious casting consideration:

Me gettin’ to be that was a last minute, ‘Who do I know who’s in town?’ that can do this voiceover, before the color print delivers?

Green speculated that there’s probably a good chance of another Howard cameo, or perhaps appearing in a Rocket spin-off movie, but the idea of another stand-alone Howard the Duck film is, as he demonstrates, laughable.

I do admire the fan loyalty to Howard. At this point it’s probably only rivaled by the other “major cameo” character that never gets a solo film, Black Widow. Maybe they could do a team-up. But with less weirdly-implied beastiality this time.

(Via ScreenRant)