Seth Green Made Some Special ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Toys For James Gunn

Robot Chicken‘s Seth Green and James Gunn have been friends for a surprisingly long time, since they’re both vampires who will outlive us both. No, seriously, look them up twenty years ago and look at them now; there’s no difference. And as they continue towards eternity, they’ll have a few custom Guardians of The Galaxy action figures to play with.

They’re actually custom jobs of the movies pirate antiheroes, the Ravagers, as the actual Guardians have their own toys. Green even made a nice box for them, complete with profanity:

OK, so Green probably had the professional modelmakers who work for him put these together, but if you’ve got your own art department, why not use it? Also, we’re a little surprised there isn’t a premium format Yondu figure yet. Come on, if you’re going to give the guy a Minimate, at least pay Michael Rooker the fee to scan his noggin and make a good figure out of him.