Waffle House Lays The Smack Down On Belgium In Advance Of Tuesday’s USA/Belgium World Cup Match

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Because of the World Cup, Belgium is now the enemy of the USA. Waffle House is leading the charge against them.

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Waffle House Is Refusing To Let A Waitress Keep A $1000 Tip From A Charitable Customer

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Waffle House has a policy which doesn't let wait staff keep large tips, because, reasons.

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Masters Champion Bubba Watson Celebrated With A Trip To Waffle House

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After winning his second Masters tournament, Bubba Watson celebrated with his grand tradition of grabbing a bite at the Waffle House.


Forget Sabermetrics, SportsCenter Knows What Makes A Baseball Team Great


Here's the Worldwide Leader In Sports sharing the important/fun fact that the Atlanta Braves won 13 (eventually 14) games in a row after opening a Waffle House at Turner Field.

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Check Out The Trailer For Channing Tatum's 'Waffle House Down'

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Hot on the heels of the star-studded music video for “Channing All Over My Tatum”, Jimmy Kimmel revealed last night that he may be even more tapped in to the C-Tates industry than I am.

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‘Waffle House Customer’ Toni Larroux Has Maybe The Funniest Obituary Ever

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Antonia W. "Toni" Larroux lived an amazing life and has a fantastic, hilarious obituary.

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Project Pat & Corporate Mob – “Waffle House” Video

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"Whip'em in the kitchen, ship'em out just like the Waffle House.

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