Anthony Edwards Rolled His Ankle And Needed Help Leaving The Floor Against The Bulls (Update)

UPDATE: Anthony Edwards returned to Minnesota’s bench, but was not in his uniform and had a boot on his foot.

EARLIER: The Minnesota Timberwolves’ push to avoid the Western Conference play-in tournament may have taken a major hit on Friday night. During the team’s game against the Chicago Bulls, All-Star guard Anthony Edwards rolled his ankle and was in considerable pain. Edwards needed to be helped into the locker room and was unable to put any weight on his leg.

Edwards had the ball at the top of the key late in the first quarter when he got picked up by Bulls guard Alex Caruso. He saw Mike Conley out on the wing, so he jumped in the air in an effort to throw him the ball. While it got there, Edwards landed and rolled his right ankle. He immediately screamed out in pain and began holding his leg, and after getting tended to by the team’s training staff was brought into the locker room.

It is a brutal turn of events for Minnesota, which sits at 35-35 at this point in the season and are in the 7th seed in the Western Conference. The team is one game out of the 6-seed in the West, but also only have a 1.5-game cushion on missing the postseason altogether. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available about Edwards’ status going forward.