Charles Oakley Explains Why He’d Rather Play With LeBron James Than His ‘Best Friend’ Michael Jordan

The GOAT debate usually comes down to a simple question: Do you think LeBron James‘ career has been better than that of Michael Jordan? One of the big knocks against James in this regard revolves around the fact that he is far more willing to defer in a big moment than Jordan, even if him passing the ball is considered to be the right basketball play.

As it turns out, this element James’ game makes him the sort of guy Jordan’s best friend would like to play alongside. Charles Oakley, who played alongside Jordan from 1985-88 in Chicago, went onto the KG Certified podcast with Kevin Garnett and expressed that James’ ability to distribute really appeals to him, even if Jordan’s desire to take a big shot is what made him such a great player

“They asked me, ‘Who’d you rather play with, LeBron or Mike?'” Oakley said in this clip. “I said, LeBron, but Mike’s my best friend. Mike ain’t passing me the ball. He don’t care if I get a shot today or tomorrow, but, you know, that’s how he got to be Mike. So, when they always make that comparison — who you like, LeBron or Mike? I says, Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes. Mike, LeBron. So, LeBron’s got no sugar, Mike’s got the sugar … I’m LeBron, cause I was Corn Flakes.”

There is, ultimately, no wrong answer between the two, but James certainly would be a little more willing to pass the basketball than Jordan.

(Via Bleacher Report)