Ja Morant Levitated On This Chasedown Block Against Jalen Green

The list of NBA players who are capable of doing something extraordinary is pretty long. The list of NBA players who are capable of doing the sorts of extraordinary things that Ja Morant is capable of producing, however, is far shorter. Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies took on the Houston Rockets on Friday night, and despite the fact that the up-and-coming home squad fought admirably, Memphis was able to pick up a 129-122 victory.

Morant, as he usually does, led the way, scoring 49 points on 17-for-26 shooting with eight assists, four rebounds, two blocks, and a steal. One of those blocks, in particular, stood out, as Rockets youngster Jalen Green pushed the ball in transition and tried to get a layup in the fourth quarter. Green is another special athlete, but he was able to get too much lift as he threw up a layup.

As a result, Morant was able to rise up and block the layup, as his head went about halfway up the net while he spiked the ball against the backboard like it was a volleyball.

This angle shows that he actually blocked the ball with his right hand and grabbed the bottom of the backboard with his left.

Ja Morant is unbelievable.