Jimmy Butler Just Wanted To ‘Make The Internet Mad’ With His Long Hair

Jimmy Butler made waves this offseason when he showed up on an offseason workout video sporting long hair extensions, with the star even posting a video to Instagram of him getting his new hair put in.

Butler’s hair sparked plenty of jokes and conversation on the internet, and he showed up to media day sporting a different dreads look that, once again, drew plenty of attention. When asked about his new look, Butler sheepishly insisted he didn’t get extensions and didn’t know what the reporter asking was talking about, before offering up a simple — and very Jimmy Butler — reason for why he’s been messing around with various looks this offseason: he wanted to make the internet mad.

As he notes, he succeeded in that mission, and while he wouldn’t commit to the future of his hair while on the podium, he eventually told Taylor Rooks that he won’t be sporting the long hair once the season starts, going back to his more traditional look.

That’s probably smart, because any sort of slump would’ve immediately been attributed to Jimmy’s hair messing with him, but given Butler’s love of trolling, I wouldn’t count it out completely that we see him roll up to a game one year having completely changed his hair again.