Kyrie Irving Got Very Mad As Reporters Questioned Him Over His Post About An Anti-Semitic Movie

The Brooklyn Nets fell to 1-5 on the season with another dreadful defensive performance on Saturday night against the Indiana Pacers, losing 125-116 to drop to the second worst record in the NBA, with only the winless Lakers behind them.

However, Brooklyn’s lackluster play and effort was a secondary storyline to Kyrie Irving’s recent tweet promoting a movie based on an anti-semitic book, which led to vague statements from the Nets and NBA about not supporting hate speech (but not addressing Irving specifically), Joe Tsai saying he wants to sit down with Irving to explain why it was wrong and hurtful to support a movie that peddles anti-semitic conspiracy theories, and ultimately a non-apology from Irving on Twitter.

On the Nets broadcast Saturday night, Richard Jefferson laid out why Irving’s non-apology wasn’t enough and after the game Irving faced the media for the first time and it did not go well. Irving was asked about posting a clip from extremist Alex Jones in the offseason about a New World Order, saying “it’s true,” before growing increasingly upset he was being questioned about his post with a link to the movie, with ESPN’s Nick Friedell pressing him as Irving deflected.

Irving, as is usually the case when presented an opportunity to explain his beliefs, refuses to say anything of note and instead declares himself the victim for being asked about his post to 4.5 million followers, insisting Friedell is “dehumanizing” him by asking him about it.

As Irving continues to dig his heels in ever deeper on conspiracy theories and pushing harmful rhetoric, the Nets are rapidly approaching a situation where they are going to have to make a choice (again) about whether Irving’s basketball skills override the PR nightmare he has become off of it.