Nickelback Invited Jimmy Butler To ‘Come Sing Along’ On Their Summer Tour

Jimmy Butler‘s taste in music goes far beyond his well-documented love of country. In the aftermath of a recent 126-114 overtime loss to the Orlando Magic, Nick Friedell wrote a story for ESPN that went through Butler’s postgame routine on the night, which included sitting in the Miami Heat locker room and blasting Nickelback at full volume, all while he “sang every word to each song.”

Butler is known for being a different breed of cat, so when this little anecdote hit the internet in the aftermath of the story getting published, plenty of folks on Twitter enjoyed having a laugh over this detail. But as it turns out, this got onto the radars of a certain Canadian rock band that is going on tour a little later this year, and on their official Twitter account, they let Butler know that he is allowed to join them if he’d like.

There is no word on whether or not Butler will take them up on this offer. It is important to stress that it’s unclear if this means Butler can attend a show and possibly get some VIP treatment, or if he’s allowed to come up on stage and sing along with them. Perhaps this is obvious to everyone else but me, but in fairness, I never made it as a wise man.