Please Enjoy The Highlights From Paul Pierce’s Off The Rails Appearance On Kevin Garnett’s Game 3 Livestream

Paul Pierce is no stranger to live television, as he spent years as an analyst for ESPN. He’s also no stranger to livestreams getting him in trouble, as he got fired from ESPN after going on Instagram Live from a party.

That is the background for what transpired on Wednesday night, when Kevin Garnett invited him to be part of his KG Certified livestream for Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Showtime. Pierce rolled up clearly having already enjoyed some beverages, and brought with him his “girlfriend for the day,” whom he proudly proclaimed to KG and the entire livestream audience he had gotten from a website. I promise you that I did not make up a single thing in that sentence.

Pierce apparently did not believe KG about the whole livestream part, leading to an absolutely bonkers performance from Pierce before someone texted him saying that, yes, you are in fact live right now. This has gone viral, with a very funny TikTok breaking down some of the wildest moments from the Truth.

Over on Reddit, a r/NBA user uploaded an even longer clip of Pierce just going off the rails while KG tried desperately not to lose his Showtime deal.

Having been on both sides of this scenario as both the drunk friend embarrassing sober friends and the sober friend trying and failing to keep drunk friends from acting the fool, this is a truly delightful watch. Pierce’s moment of realization is so incredibly funny and gives Garnett so much life, because after like an hour-plus of telling him “we’re live,” that message finally gets through thanks to someone watching at home. Kudos to KG for keeping things on the tracks as much as he did, but if they do this again, he might need to put in big bold letters on the invite that this is for work and not just hanging out in the casino watching the game as friends.