NBA Players Couldn’t Believe Paul Pierce ‘Forgot To Hit That Close Friends’ During His IG Live House Party

Paul Pierce turned some heads in the early hours of Saturday morning. Pierce, the retired Boston Celtics legend and current analyst for ESPN, went live on Instagram from someone’s home and broadcast himself partying. A whole lot happened and clips/photos made their way around Twitter of Pierce, surrounded by dancers, smoking and drinking. If you want to see what happened, click here, here, here, or here, but know that “Paul Pierce had a house party with a whole hell of a lot going on” is fairly NSFW.

As people woke up on Saturday and started to see what Pierce had going on, Twitter exploded with reactions. No one in the basketball world had more fun with this than Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal, with whom Pierce was teammates for a year in D.C. Beal could not believe that Pierce made a cardinal sin of IG: not hitting the “close friends” button.

A handful of other NBA players got in on the fun, with Kyle Kuzma calling the future Hall of Fame inductee a “sicko.”

There hasn’t been any sort of comment from ESPN about this or anything along those lines, and we’ll keep you posted if anything comes through. In the meantime, let this be a lesson to everyone to always double check that the things you’re posting on IG that you only want your close friends to see do not break containment.