How Signature Sneakers Have Evolved Over The Years

There are a number of ways to indicate whether or not someone has achieved the title of being a superstar. Whether it’s an on-court honor like an All-Star selection or an off-court status indicator like Instagram followers, there’s no one perfect way to determine whether or not a basketball player has earned that distinction.

In today’s Dime Breakdown, we decided to take a look at one of the best ways to identify a player who has transcended the game: signature sneakers. For decades, getting a signature line of kicks is a sure-fire way to indicate a player’s popularity goes beyond being someone who makes magic happen on the court.

We have to show love to Converse, whose Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Weapons became staples on the feet of the biggest stars in the game, before taking a look at how brands like Nike (and its offshoot inspired by that Michael Jordan guy), FILA, Adidas, and Reebok all have become synonymous with the athletes who wear them. Beyond that, we look at some of the names who are forever tied to sneaker culture, from Jordan, to Allen Iverson, to Shaq, to Kobe, to LeBron, and a whole lot of others in between.