Stephen A Smith Addressed Josh Hart’s Tweet About Tasting Breast Milk

Alright, here is our post about the Josh Hart tweets. If you are not aware of what that sentence means, here is something that Josh Hart — who became a father for the first time during the New York Knicks’ Eastern Conference Semifinal series against the Miami Heat — tweeted out on Tuesday evening.

After Hart put this on Al Gore’s internet, a number of NBA players decided to respond and, in the case of one college and professional teammate, unfollow his account. Hart, to his credit, seemed to find the whole thing very funny.

The tweet came across the desk of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who simply said “what the hell” and promised to discuss this on his podcast. Well, the podcast ended up dropping, and Smith did, indeed, discuss all of this. He says a lot of stuff that you would expect Stephen A. Smith to say on this subject, then drew a parallel between this and the famous Making the Band sketch from Chappelle’s Show where Dave Chappelle, as Diddy, demanded that the contestants picked him up a bottle.

The whole thing ends with Smith saying Brunson was justified in demanding Hart loses his number, Hart getting called “a weird one,” and Smith expressing his hope that Hart sticks with the Knicks moving forward.