Steven Adams Picked Up Tony Bradley And Carried Him Away After He Got In A Tussle With Ja Morant

Steven Adams’ reputation precedes him when it comes to being one of the strongest players (if not the strongest) in the NBA. His screens leave even the toughest players bruised and battered (ask Jimmy Butler), and his mere presence when a scuffle breaks out tends to deescalate the situation quickly, as he has a tendency to physically separate parties by himself and his calm demeanor and terrifying strength keep guys from trying to go at him.

Our latest exhibit of “Steven Adams is strong as hell” comes from Monday’s game in Memphis between the Grizzlies and Bulls, in which Memphis had runaway to a big advantage in the fourth quarter when Tony Bradley stuck a leg out to trip up Ja Morant on a drive, leading to a tussle between the two. Bradley grabbed Morant by the jersey and wouldn’t let go, which led Morant to shove the ball in his face as things escalated.

It was at that point that Adams stepped in to make sure his All-Star teammate didn’t get into any actual fisticuffs or trouble with the league, and quite literally picked up Bradley and carried him like a child out to midcourt.

The funniest part of it all is Bradley’s reaction, as the 6’10, 245 pound center is in disbelief that he is getting physically carried by someone and is almost laughing as Adams takes him for a stroll. It is an incredible visual and another reminder that Adams is a preposterously strong individual, as well as being a beloved teammate.