The Best Party Games To Play Right Now

As video games have advanced over the years, and technology improved, one aspect of gaming has dominated the future and it’s online multiplayer. All the biggest titles today like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto all feature some kind of online multiplayer. However, while online multiplayer is definitely fun, it misses a part of gaming that really can’t be replicated: Couch co-op and in-person party games. Yes, we’ve all played a round of Among Us and screamed at each other on discord, or done raids in Final Fantasy XIV until the early morning, but there’s a certain joy to screwing over a friend and seeing their reaction in person or working together as a team and overcoming an obstacle on the couch together. It’s an aspect of gaming that’s sorely missing today.

There are still games out there though that create these feelings. More often than not they’re party games, video games designed to bring a group of people together and have some fun. Party games don’t have to be the most well-designed games, and sometimes they can even be intentionally infuriating, but they are always at their best when a group of friends is in the same room together. These are some of the best party games that are currently available.

Mario Party

The most classic and well-known party games. Everyone has played Mario Party at some point in their life. The concept of it is so simple. Take four players, put them on a board, and try to collect stars. Whoever has the most stars at the end of the game wins. Where Mario Party shines of course is the wackiness that occurs throughout the board and the pure rage that takes place during those matches. Players can make each other mad, stealing stars, using items to mess up your friend’s strategy, or just being a general menace. However, that’s just one aspect of Mario Party. The game itself is designed to fight the player in every way. Negative spaces, moments that will take away stars and give it to other players, and general chaos can reign at any moment. There’s a reason it’s known as the game made to be mad at your friends.

Jackbox Party Pack

The Jackbox Party Pack is a literal party game. While it’s certainly possible to play it with two or three people, the Party Pack is at its best with groups above five. Only one person needs to own the game, and the only thing necessary for everyone to have is their phone and access to a web browser. There’s a variety of games from trivia, drawing, or weirdly competitive. While some packs are better than others, everyone will surely find a favorite to play with their specific group of friends. The large variety across seven different packs has made it a must-have for any party host.

Castle Crashers

An oldie but a goodie. Castle Crashers gained fame as one of the early indie titles on Xbox Arcade to breakout. Up to four players can go on an adventure to rescue multiple princesses and defeat their kidnapper the evil wizard. Along the path, the player will gain animal companions, fight bizarre monsters, and upgrade their knight. Compete with each other for the princesses’ love at the end of stages and try to earn more money than the rest, or just work together to get to the end. While Castle Crashers can be played online, it is best experienced sitting aside each other with a group of friends. The main story typically takes a little over seven hours, so it probably won’t be beaten in one sitting, but if you want to be thrown back to high school gaming sessions all night long then this is the title for you..

Super Smash Bros.

The greatest crossover series in the history of video games. Super Smash Bros. is still going strong and the roster of characters is unspeakably large at this point. 80+ characters are available when including DLC and they range from some of Nintendo’s greatest IPs like Mario to Ken from Street Fighter. What started as a Nintendo crossover has grown to just video games as a whole. Anyone can find someone to play in Smash Bros. and what’s great about it is the competition level of matches really depends on the group. Want to be serious? Turn off all the items and put your skills to the test. Just trying to have a good time? Leave everything on and let chaos rain down from the heavens. It’s going to be a fun time no matter what.


The Mario anti-hero may be most famous for being a selfish treasure hunter, but his series of minigame collections are some of the best out there. They’re wacky, energetic, and going to make everyone laugh at some point. Warioware isn’t the best for all-night gaming sessions, but for a quick fun time, there may be nothing better. This is another game that succeeds thanks to the variety in it and if there is one thing Warioware is known for it’s an absurd amount of minigames. Their minigames are unashamedly weird and it’s a huge part of why the series is beloved.

Fortune Street

What’s the worst part about Monopoly? It’s how long every match takes to reach a winner. What if you could have Monopoly but shorter? Well, that’s what Fortune Street is. This series actually first started all the way back in 1991, but it wasn’t released in the United States until 2007. Developed by Square Enix, they’re kind of a weird Mario/Dragon Quest crossover. Similar to Mario Party, everyone plays on themed boards, but unlike Mario Party, the gameplay itself is more similar to Monopoly with the goal of each playing being to collect properties.

Dokapon Kingdom

If Mario Party is a game about getting mad at your friends then the Dokapon Kingdom exists to end those friendships. Dokapon Kingdom, made by Atlus, is notorious for being the party game full of the most rage-inducing moments of any series. The concept of the game is pretty simple. Take your hero and save as many towns from monsters as possible. Collect the most towns, and money, to reach the end to win the game. However, there are two different ways to play. Players can either play custom games with each other that have a set time limit or the story mode. The story mode is 20 to 30 hours on it’s own and that’s if each player is playing as efficiently as possible. This should only be attempted by friends with bonds so strong that someone stealing every single town you own, killing you, and then changing your name to butts will not lead to a broken controller. Of course, that’s if the game itself doesn’t decide you’re playing too well and let a monster get a cheap 1-hit KO on you thus leading to you losing all your items. This game is brutal, but with the right group it can be a really fun marathon to keep your Friday nights entertaining for a month if not longer.