Gamers Rejoiced As EA Sports Announced It Will Bring Back ‘EA Sports College Football’

For years, gamers have begged for EA Sports and the NCAA to come together and make a new college football video game, something that has not happened since NCAA Football 14 due to legal issues that have popped up over licensing issues that stem from using amateur athletes without any sort of compensation.

College football has popped up in games in recent years, most recently with some team likenesses being available in Madden, but on Tuesday afternoon, EA Sports announced that it will get back into the college football game. In a tweet that didn’t leave all that much room for interpretation, the company announced that “college football is coming back,” and said that doing this was for the fans who “never stopped believing” that a college football game would return somewhere down the road.

EA Sports also announced that this series will get its own Twitter account, which shared the message.

The series of games is beloved among gamers, regardless of whether or not they love the wonderfully strange sport of college football. And with the last game coming out nearly eight years ago, a number of folks took a victory lap to celebrate the years of begging EA Sports and the NCAA to figure out a way to turn this into a reality.

There are tons of questions about the game — release date, if EA Sports will use a lot of the same mechanisms that are used in Madden or make this its own unique game, how close it will feel to previous versions of the game, whether real players will be in the game and compensated, etc. — but answers to all of that will come somewhere down the line. For now, those who have been wanting a college football game for years are finally seeing one of their biggest wishes come true.