An Esports Pro Celebrated So Hard That He Dislocated His Shoulder

What would you do if you just won the biggest tournament of your life in front of a crowd of people cheering you on? This victory isn’t just any kind of big win: It’s a reminder to the entire world that you’re the best. You’d probably go pretty nuts right? Well, that’s what many in esports call the “pop off.” Shortly after someone has won a tournament or a particularly intense match, their emotions come flooding out and they can’t help but “pop off” in celebration. This may be the first time, though, that someone popped off so hard that they caused themselves injury.

CakeAssault, a pro Rivals of Aether player, was in this exact situation over the weekend during the fighting tournament Riptide. This was the biggest Rivals of Aether tournament to date, with Rivals appearing next to games like Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon on the Riptide schedule. It was an example of how much the community around the game has grown and how important a victory here was.

After a weekend of matches, it was CakeAssault who came out on top, and he unsurprisingly lost his mind. Then, he threw out his shoulder.

This is among the most legendary pop offs in esports history. Watching someone celebrate so hard that they fling their shoulder out of socket is remarkable, and it’s an example of how much it meant to him. It also is kind of funny, but only because CakeAssault thought it was funny.