Bethesda Teased A New Indiana Jones Game, But What Will It Look Like?

When it comes to giant franchises you can always expect video games to follow them, but one IP that has seemingly escaped the video game replication formula is Indiana Jones. The well known adventurer hasn’t had a video game of any kind since 2009, unless you count the 2011 Facebook title, and while not the most popular Lucasfilm title, there are droves of fans that have been wanting to see him and his whip on modern hardware.

These fans may finally be getting their wish. On Monday, Bethesda put out a short teaser trailer for a brand new Indiana Jones title made by Wolfenstein developer MachineGames. The trailer features Jones’ iconic hat being lifted up, and if you still weren’t sure, his whip lays on the table ready for a new adventure.

This teaser is all we know of the game right now, and development of video games is never easy, but a modern Indiana Jones game is something that everyone should be excited about. Think about how much video games have changed since the last title in 2009. That game was made for the PlayStation 2 and Wii. This means we never got to experience an Indiana Jones adventure in HD, let alone the 4K capabilities we have now.

The question is what kind of game is this going to be like? One would immediately assume something like an Uncharted or maybe the modern Tomb Raider, but the heavy emphasis on guns in those two franchises might not fit in perfectly with the Indiana Jones franchise. It’s not that Jones can’t use a gun, but do we really want to see him mowing down an army with an assault rifle Nathan Drake style?

Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t take inspirations from those two franchises to make a modern Indiana Jones title. The feelings of exploration, puzzles, and the mystery in those titles are something that a modern Indiana Jones game should strive for and is well within the capabilities of MachineGames. Anyone that enjoys a good adventure should be excited about the potential of this.