This ‘Madden NFL 22’ Glitch Gives Us The Greatest Moment In The History Of Run Blocking

The release of Madden NFL 22 means two things. First is the obvious: EA Sports released the latest edition of its wildly successful NFL video game, and for the next year or so, football fans are going to fire up their various consoles and play all of the stuff that comes with this edition of the game.

Second is far less obvious but way more fun: It is time for all of us to sit back and enjoy glitches that are inevitable whenever a new video game comes out. While a level of empathy for the folks that actually put the game together comes with this — making a video game is really hard! — the glitches themselves tend to be really funny. For proof of this, please enjoy this video of the greatest run blocking that has ever happened in the history of football.

Gonna say something a little controversial: If the New England Patriots can acquire Patrick Mahomes and Saquon Barkley and their offensive line can block like this during the 2021 NFL season, they are probably going to end up being pretty good. But since that is almost certainly not going to happen, at least we can take solace knowing that this video exists.