The Pitch-Perfect Netflix ‘Cuphead’ Sneak Peak Featured Wayne Brady As King Dice

If there is any game that seems more prepared to become a cartoon, it is Cuphead. The entire game is meant to feel like a classic cartoon, from the art style, music, and mood. So the announcement of a Cuphead cartoon in the works made perfect sense, and now we’re starting to get an idea of what it will actually look like.

During Netflix’s Geeked Weeked crossover with Summer Game Fest, a teaser trailer was shown of what the Cuphead cartoon is going to look like. And fittingly it was narrated by King Dice’s voice actor, the one and only Wayne Brady. So far the early signs and Brady’s portrayal of Dice sounds pretty great!


Let’s not over-analyze a single clip, but this has the exact feeling of what a Cuphead cartoon should look and sound like. It’s goofy, there’s a lot of animation happening at once, and it looks like a classic cartoon while somehow feeling modern at the same time. The art style and sound of Cuphead is so incredibly important, and so far it seems they’ve nailed that.

Brady’s portrayal of King Dice is also fantastic. He has a skeevy air to him like he’s going to pull one over on you at any moment. Which, considering King Dice’s role in the game, makes perfect sense. If the rest of the show is as well done as this clip is then the Netflix version of Cuphead is going to be a must-watch cartoon for not only fans of the game, but fans of old-style cartoons in general.