Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Doesn’t Seem So Stupid Now, Does It?

Yesterday, news hit that actress and filthy rich woman Gwyneth Paltrow had saved a woman’s life on 9/11 because she almost hit her with her Mercedes, causing the woman to miss her train that would have taken her to the World Trade Center, where she worked on the 77th floor. So because of a complete coincidence and terrible female stereotype reinforcement, Paltrow gets to pat herself on the back while idiots call her a hero. I bring this story up because now George Lucas can do the same.

Last weekend, Janice Harms of Clara City, Minnesota was answering nature’s call, when her house exploded, sending her flying from the bathroom to the kitchen. Surrounded by flames and imminent death, Harms crawled into her refrigerator and hid there until she was discovered by rescue workers.

“I was on top of the refrigerator and that’s what kept me from getting flattened,” she said.

Harms said she crawled under the refrigerator where rescue teams eventually found her.

The blast was so intense Harms said her brother, who lives nearby, heard the explosion and called 911. She said lay in the rubble for 25 minutes before she was rescued. (Via KARE 11)

You can call this a stretch all you want, but the fact that even one person has been saved by a fridge now puts a dent in the argument that Indiana Jones surviving a nuclear blast by hiding in a fridge is one of the stupidest moments in movie history. Also, is it a coincidence that a woman survived a deadly explosion and now her dog is missing? I’d say this case of life imitating fart has Lucas written all over it.