Medieval Weapons Nerf Should Totally Make Next

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02.18.16 2 Comments


Nerf decided to kick things up to the next level with the new Rival Khaos fully automatic gun and everyone, promptly, lost their minds over the badass design and the fact that it fires Nerf projectiles at a speed of 68 mph.

Clearly, this new development led many to ponder what other methods of destruction Nerf should create next. But while many look to the other automatic weapons of our modern age, what if Nerf took a step back to a less civilized time? Things can get savage in Nerf battles, so why not develop Nerf weapons that let you unleash your inner berserker? Let’s take a stroll through the battlefields of history to find the proper accoutrements for our spongey armory.

The Scottish Claymore


Paramount Pictures

Let’s get the big kahuna out of the way. Sure, Nerf has made swords before, but nothing quite like the claymore. Who wouldn’t want to paint their faces blue and beat down some English douchebags with the Nerf cousin of these bruisers? The 3-D printing specs are online, so make it happen, Nerf.

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