Meet The Dolls, AKA The Next Generation Of Women Taking Over Hip-Hop

Uproxx Studios

For years, it’s seemed like women in rap were relegated to the outskirts, to the underground, or to the shelves of major label music vaults, with only Nicki Minaj to lead the charge for gender diversity in America’s most popular genre.

However, as Nicki herself will tell you, women never went anywhere in hip-hop, they just needed the world to recognize their presence. The self-declared queen of rap was only too happy to shout out a number of hip-hop’s rising stars during her #NickiDay interview with Zane Lowe, specifically mentioning Maliibu Miitch, Ms. Banks (not to be confused with Azealia), and a pair of similarly-named MCs called Kash Doll and Asian Doll.

Much like the recent influx of “Lil” rappers, hip-hop has experienced something of a boom in female rappers with “Doll” in their names, including two not mentioned by Nicki: Cuban Doll and Dream Doll. With all these Doll rappers running around, how does one keep up — or tell the difference? I took a deep dive into their respective catalogs to help you spot the difference when you inevitably hear their work on the radio or streaming service of your choice. Get familiar soon; all four of these rappers are prepped to blow given the right situation, and with Nicki’s co-sign, we’ll likely be hearing more of them sooner rather than later.