Lil Yachty Had McDonalds Delivered To Him At A Fancy Dinner After Seeing The Gourmet Menu

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Lil Yachty may have expensive grills on his teeth, but that doesn’t mean he has expensive taste. The “Yacht Club” rapper was in attendance at a birthday party for his record label Quality Control‘s CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas. When the young rapper decided nothing there was to his taste, however, he opened up a food delivery app to order a McDonalds Hot ‘N Spicy McChicken sandwich instead.

The rapper documented the whole process on his Instagram story. A photo of the menu showed a number of gourmet items like lobster wontons, chicken satay, and miso glazed sea bass. The menu even offered notoriously pricy item wagyu beef. But nothing spiked the interest of Lil Yachty’s seasoned palate.

The next picture Lil Yachty posted was of a McDonalds McChicken sandwich with the caption, “Thank you Uber Eats.”

It seems that Lil Yachty wasn’t the only one craving something different. The rapper posted a video of him mocking Migos from across the table for wanting to share a bite of his McChicken sandwich. “They all eating it,” the rapper joked.

Lil Yachty recently featured in fellow Quality Control group City Girls’s spring break-inspired music video for their hit song “Act Up.” The video shows Lil Yachty as a news anchor explaining how their viral #ActUpChallenge shut down spring break in Miami.

Watch the music video below.